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NYSILC Calls for Governor Cuomo to Close Employment Gaps for New Yorkers with Disabilities

The New York State Independent Living Council, Inc. (NYSILC) cites alarming disparities; urges Cuomo to proactively deliver on NGA initiative

New York, NY, November 25, 2013: The New York State Independent Living Council, Inc., a non-profit state council, is urging Governor Cuomo to support a popular National Governors Association (NGA) Chair’s Initiative to bring equal opportunity and job access to one of New York State’s most underutilized populations.
Pointing out “alarming” disparities in the employment of New Yorkers with disabilities, NYSLC is pushing for the Governor to support the NGA’s peer initiative, “A Better Bottom Line: Employing People with Disabilities Blueprint for Governors” and make it a priority in his January 2014 State of the Union Address.
“The poverty rate for New Yorkers with disabilities ages 18 to 64 living in the community is 28.6%,” NYSILC stated in a recent letter to Governor Cuomo. The letter to the Governor offered other hard-hitting points from the organization’s 2012 statewide assessment, among them, the employment rate for New Yorkers with a disability is less than half that of persons without a disability “resulting in a gap of 40.8 percentage points.”
The letter suggests that an over-arching goal of reducing the employment gap for New Yorkers with disabilities be set at 10-15% over the next 10 years by utilizing a comprehensive program of targeted strategies. Numerous options are then suggested throughout the letter, ranging from an employment first program, better coordination of existing programs (55-a/b/c), a small business tax credit, to recommendations for young adults with disabilities, among other items.
NYSLC says the Governor is in a unique position to advocate on behalf of all New Yorkers. “It is time to move forward with the hopes and dreams of New Yorkers with disabilities,” commented NYSILC Executive Director Brad Williams. “If we are going to be a part of NY Rising, then the disability community should expect leadership from its executive with an initiative that will provide promise, equal opportunity, and allow an acceptable number of our peers to achieve a greater level of economic self-sufficiency and independence.”
Visit the NYSILC website at www.nysilc.org for access these referenced materials:
NYSILC’s letter to Governor Cuomo Regarding the Employment of New Yorkers with Disabilities:
PDF Version: https://www.nysilc.org/primary_source/NYSILC_Letter_to_Governor_Cuomo_Regarding_Employment_of_PWD_11113.pdf.
Text Version: https://www.nysilc.org/primary_source/Text_NYSILC_Letter_to_Governor_Cuomo_Regarding_Employment_of_PWD_11113.doc.
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“A Better Bottom Line: Employing People with Disabilities Blueprint for Governors:”
PDF Version: https://www.nysilc.org/primary_source/NGA_2013_Better_Bottom_Line.pdf.
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