Project Description

Community Outreach

Through outreach, dialogue and compromise, BPR continues to build consensus and community support . While specializing in issues management, we’ve led community outreach and public relations efforts throughout the United States, working directly with the community to build relationships and identify public issues and concerns.


Focus groups create an opportunity to harness invaluable insights from customers, clients and prospects on their values and behaviors. With qualitative research you’ll build the foundation for developing and launching a successful campaign.

BPR is dedicated to helping you reach top editors, writers and producers through rigorous but affordable custom surveys. Surveys allow you to add custom demographics, reach specialized audiences, and build a deeper story.

The opportunity to participate in a public town hall meeting sponsored by the media or by a local appointed official is a great resource for all involved. They are also a great way to get your message across to the public by generating news media coverage, jump start your local advocacy efforts and identify people who you can involve in your organization’s activities in the future. These venues allow you to listen and pose questions on issues everyone involved. BPR will organize all aspects of your Town Hall Meeting from arranging panelists and speakers to preparing materials for on-site distribution.