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Barfield Public Relations is a full-service marketing, communications and public relations firm. For 25 years, BPR has differentiated itself from the pack with its client-centered approach of communications, engagement, events management, ad-buying, media strategy and media placement and community outreach.
15 04, 2014

“Looks Like Them” Hiring in the PR Agency & Corporate America

I’m in my 25th year as President/CEO of Barfield Public Relations, Inc. and my experiences have been broad-ranging, exciting, and often, transformative. I love PR. Every day, I know that my work can make a [...]

15 04, 2014

BPR – 25 Years

“Public relations is synonymous with human communication.” African-American Public Relations Pioneer, Mr.Ofield Dukes (1932-2011) “Ofield Dukes revolutionized the public relations industry by increasing the visibility of African Americans working in the field,” Gregory Lee Jr., [...]